Red Forno is a bistro style restaurant in Saudi Arabia that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. Its main dish is the classic Neapolitan pizza. The client was looking for a friendly, familiar, inviting and fun design for a restaurant that could be recognized as the meeting point of the neighborhood. His only restriction was to create design elements that were not expensive to manufacture. 
The logo was inspired by a smear of tomato sauce. Very natural and organic lines were used to give the identity a free and handmade look. The logo was complemented with the use of a speech bubble of random messages displaying phrases like “Hi”, “Happy”, “I’m hot”, “Yum”, “Thnx” or “See you”. 
A series of illustrations related to Neapolitan cuisine, accompanied by a series of icons and words, were transformed in to cute illustrations to demonstrate the personality of the restaurant. Hearts, love and peace signs, suns, happy faces, olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs, anchovies, and funny words were deployed in each element of the identity, to give the brand a dynamic, fun and always changing quality. 
Lastly, the color palette selection is meant to attract young people and families to a nice, dynamic, fun, vibrant and active place.