HUGGIES / Client Kimberly Clark
Huggies Welcome Kit is a promotional item meant to be delivered in supermarkets to pregnant women. The kit contains everything a newborn may need in their first month of life, ranging from shampoos, diapers, wipes and even a brochure with tips and advice on baby care. The client wanted to create a packaging design with an image visually related to their current well stablished brand. 
This packaging needed to reflect the tenderness, love, gentleness and protection a newborn baby requires; so we decided to create an image inspired by a baby blanket in a baby blue and white pattern. To reinforce the tender concept of the image we choose a rounded typeface for the copy and general text, using the same navy color of the brand. 
The finished product is classy and cute, and conveys the message that the brand wanted to communicate.​​​​​​​