“Atelier M” is an architecture shop, this workshop is dedicated to architecture as well as to interior design, and the sale of quality furniture and construction materials. An all in one concept studio that focuses on a contemporary style. The client, Monica Medina, requested a brand that reflected her personal style as well as the brands all in one concept.
The naming came from the nature of the business. Atelier means workshop in Italian and the letter M is for the owners name initials Monica Medina. With the letters AM and with a contemporary and elegant typography, such as Metro, the iconographic minimalistic monogram logo was designed.
An iconographic abstract communication was added to the brand with 3 representative patterns of each of the three main services of the workshop. The flower design represent the interior design service, as the more female aspect of the 3 areas. The arrow design represent the structural feature of their contemporary architecture service, and the rounded tiles reflect the repetitive quality of construction materials.